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Tips When Communicating with a Child Who Has Autism

Interactions and fruitful communication can be challenging when we are conversing with a child who has autism spectrum disorder (ASD). ASD is a form of disorder that affects a child’s mental development and is caused by different factors. Every person’s ASD is unique, and so, not all individuals with autism can be challenging to communicate … Continue reading

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Wheelchair Care: Guidelines for Family Caregivers

Wheelchairs serve as life extensions for persons with mobility disabilities. As they will be using these for a long term, further knowledge on basic wheelchair maintenance can be helpful. If you’re the primary caregiver, you can also extend more assistance to your loved one when you aid them in the maintenance of their wheelchair. In … Continue reading

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Tips: Communicating with a Person with Down’s Syndrome

It is a basic human need to communicate. However, there are certain practices and etiquettes we need to observe when we are communicating with someone depending on their unique needs. For persons with Down’s Syndrome, communicating with them may pose certain challenges. As providers of Habilitation Services, however, we know that quality interactions with them … Continue reading

Key Benefits of Community-based Habilitation

It is our goal as a provider of Habilitation Services in Indiana that every person with developmental and intellectual disability will have an opportunity to live and thrive just like every one of us. We believe that with the right assistance and support, they can be independent, face other people sensibly, and become productive in … Continue reading

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