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How Do You Deal with a Senior Loved One Who Refuses to Get Help?

If you think that you are the only one facing this challenge – you are not alone. A senior refusing to receive help is a common situation for family caregivers around the globe face. In fact, even professional caregivers frequently encounter this kind of situation in their career. So how do you deal with a … Continue reading

3 Signs You Need Respite Care

Taking on the responsibility as a caregiver is a common reality for a family member, especially the ones with an aging parent or a disabled loved one. The sense of fulfillment of doing so is immeasurable without a doubt as well as its many challenges. Being a caregiver is not easy. Not only are you … Continue reading

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The Importance of Transportation Services in Assisted Living

A major service provided by an Assisted Living Facility like Beloved Shepherd LLC is transportation services. This is necessary to get your loved one to and from places. This is also a means to gather members of the facility into one place for events and other activities. What constitutes transportation services? As mentioned, every assisted … Continue reading

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4 Benefits of Assisted Living

It is no secret that even we, as healthy individuals, need a minimal form of assistance for our daily needs. Now, what more our family members who are sick or have a health condition or generally unable to function the way they normally do? And, for a lot of us, the flow of life has … Continue reading

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