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Respite Service in Indiana


We provide Habilitation Services in Fort Wayne, Indiana as well as Respite Services for the families of our clients. We help caregivers take a break from the daily challenges and hardships of taking care of loved ones with developmental and intellectual limitations.

We understand the stress and anxiety that your caregiving responsibilities may cause. To prevent caregiver burnout and to promote more harmonious family relationships, we offer Respite Care to relieve you from your caregiving duties temporarily. You can finally find time to get some rest, go on vacation or run important errands which you cannot delegate to others. While you’re away, we ensure that your loved one continues to receive compassionate care and safety supervision.

Respite care services can be available overnight, regularly for several hours per week, or several days at a time. We provide the following respite services:

  • Short-term individual care within your own home.
  • A few hours stay for clients within our facility.
  • Assistance in attending a camp, workshop, or other day programs.

As we provide Respite Services in Indiana, we are also providing temporary relief and peace of mind from the responsibilities of caring for and supporting loved ones with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Our dedicated staff and team are more than able and willing to assist you.

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