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It is our privilege to provide only the best quality, client-centered, and effectual residential services. We are responsible for all our clients and their families. We provide shelter and care to our folk as a shepherd would tend to his flock.

Beloved Shepherd LLC opens its doors to clients aged from 5 years and older. We are focused on providing safe and effective assistance to clients with disabilities and physical limitations through Habilitation Services in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We provide Medicaid Waiver Support Services which includes Residential Habilitation and Support service, Community Integration and Habilitation services. We support our clients and help them live dignified and independent lives in their own homes and communities. As much as possible, we help them become functional and contributing members of their respective communities.

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We aim to impart exceptional residential and community-based habilitation and support services as well as effective respite services for individual clients and their family members. We are committed to the provision of responsible habilitation support services with the utmost respect for a human being’s value and dignity as an individual person.

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