Integrate our support into your daily life to steadily overcome the challenges of having a disability.
By residing in our facility or taking advantage of our available waiver programs, we aim to help individuals overcome the struggles that come with their disabilities. We promise to provide those needing our services with a rewarding experience as they receive constant support from our professionals and hone the skills necessary for community integration and independent living.

Goals and Objective:

Beloved Shepherd LLC’s goals and objectives for our community Integration & Habilitation services and Family Support Waiver services are as follows:

  1. To ensure that the individuals we serve have the freedom and support to control their schedule and activities and maintain meaningful community membership in accordance with each individual’s wish.
  2. To ensure the individual’s right to privacy, dignity, respect, and freedom from coercion and restraint is upheld.
  3. To optimize the individuals initiative, autonomy, and independence in making life choices, including but not limited to daily activities, physical environment, and with whom to interact.
  4. To ensure that the services we provide are effective, profitable, and cost-effective to both Beloved Shepherd LLC and the individuals we serve.
Our waiver services include the following:

CIH Waiver

  • Community-Based Habilitation
  • Daily Habilitation Individual (DHI)
  • Residential Habilitation and Support (RHS)
  • Respite (General)
  • Respite (LPN)
  • Wellness Coordination—All tiers
  • Transportation
  • Community Transition

FS Waiver

  • Community-Based Habilitation
  • Participant Assistance and Care (PAC)
  • Respite (General)
  • Respite (LPN)
  • Transport – FSW

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