Residential Habilitation and Support Service

Residential Habilitation and Support Service in Fort Wayne, Indiana

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We provide Residential Habilitation Programs designed for clients 18 years and older who are independently living by themselves or with their families. This program is designed to help build skills to enhance independence and self-support at home as well as provide opportunities and prospects for community inclusion and immersion.

This program focuses on the following:

  • Skill building and enhancement within the home.
  • Improve and preserve household and personal care skills.
  • Promotion of client independence in managing their home and personal life and affairs.
  • Encourage development of responsibility for client’s self, space, and belongings.
  • Comprehensive and personalized support plans for each client to help them develop and maintain their independence and confidence.

When providing Habilitation Services in Fort Wayne, Indiana, we encourage our clientele to immerse in the community and participate in local groups or workshops that help with skill development. We also promote participation in local events and activities while coordinating with local neighborhood vendors to help build strong relationships and support within the community.

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