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Exercise Tips for Persons with Down Syndrome

Exercise Tips for Persons with Down Syndrome

Down syndrome (DS) will not keep a person from acquiring a healthy lifestyle through exercising. According to one study, individuals with Down syndrome can benefit a lot from doing exercises. These benefits include the following:

  • Maintenance of healthy weight, thus, avoiding obesity
  • Improves heart health, thus, reducing the risk of heart attacks
  • Improves breathing, thus, strengthening respiratory function
  • Boosts mental health and well-being
  • Strengthens joint stability
  • Enhances motor function

Do you have a family member with Down syndrome? Are they exercising on a regular basis? If your loved one needs Support Service in Indiana even with their active lifestyle, you can always seek help from trusted care providers.

Yet, the habit of exercising can start at home and with you. It may be challenging to begin with, but here are some tips to help you get going:

  • Focus on Strengthening Their Core

    In selecting exercise routines for your loved one with DS, prioritize routines that can strengthen their spine and hips. These parts serve as the foundational support of their overall physical function. For starters, you can do planking or hip rotational exercises.

    Quick Tip: Consult with the doctor, therapist, or workout coach specializing with DS. They can give more helpful inputs in selecting more appropriate routines specific for your loved one.

  • Prevent Joint Injuries

    The muscles and joints of a person with DS are not as strong or well-structured as those who don’t have DS. For this reason, be mindful of exercise routines that can result in injuries. When doing range of motion exercises, shorten the time frame. Better yet, perform some squats or floor presses instead. If your loved one is receiving Habilitation Services, they can also get healthy insights from other people in their community.

  • Shorten Routines

    Persons with DS can be encouraged to exercise, yet they can also get bored that easily. Stick to regular and shortened schedules. A routine good for 30 minutes is already ideal enough.

  • Make Exercising Fun

    Like anyone of us, exercising can be like a chore on some days. Your loved one with DS may also feel so disinterested with exercising on certain days. Ensure that the activities you do are fun and entertaining for them. Use their personal interests to inspire your creativity. For instance, if they like to play with dogs, you can encourage them to take the dog out for a walk to the park or around the block.

  • Get the Doctor’s Approval

    Before proceeding with any exercise regimen, or any activity for that matter, ensure that their doctor has also approved it. While exercising promotes quality Home health care, you will still need to do it the right way.

Do you find the above tips helpful? We hope you do! Meanwhile, if it’s your time to do your exercises, you can entrust your loved one to us while you complete your workout. We provide Respite Services in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Call Beloved Shepherd LLC for more assistance.

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