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Exercise Tips for Persons with Down Syndrome

Down syndrome (DS) will not keep a person from acquiring a healthy lifestyle through exercising. According to one study, individuals with Down syndrome can benefit a lot from doing exercises. These benefits include the following: Maintenance of healthy weight, thus, avoiding obesity Improves heart health, thus, reducing the risk of heart attacks Improves breathing, thus, … Continue reading

Respite Care and Its Many Benefits

Disabilities have their way of turning lives upside down. Whether it’s an inborn disability or something that resulted from an accident or injury, it can bring some of the toughest challenges to any family. It goes without saying that we never hesitate to bring love, care, and support to family members who have physical and … Continue reading

What Your Loved One Can Do with Residential Habilitation

Providers of habilitation services in Fort Wayne, Indiana help individuals 18 years old and above to become self-sufficient at home. By teaching them how to take better care of themselves, they can do more things on their own when their family members are out to take care of other responsibilities. Skill development is systematically introduced … Continue reading

Why Is Respite Care Important?

In the context of healthcare, respite care is absolutely necessary as it can determine the quality of care a patient receives and the quality of work produced by a healthcare professional. All things considered, respite care is what keeps the healthcare industry going. After all, what would happen if our nurses, doctors, caregivers, and other … Continue reading

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