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Category Archives: Habilitation Services

7 Recreational Activities for a Wheelchair User

Wheelchairs have never been more user-friendly and useful in our times, now that we’re integrating technology and innovation. Our communities are also becoming more open to assimilating individuals on wheelchairs into regular activities, educational institutions, sports, and others. For this reason, recreation options for wheelchair users have expanded even more. As your leading partner in … Continue reading

3 Reasons Why Beloved Shepherd LLC is Ideal for Persons with Disabilities

Do you know that more than 300 million Americans are living with a disability? According to the census bureau, the disabilities include physical, cognitive, ambulatory, and independent living. With this figure, it won’t be surprising if you or your family member is facing a disability challenge at home. While we know that every disability has … Continue reading

What Is Community-Based Habilitation Services?

Our community-based habilitation services in Fort Wayne, Indiana are geared towards serving individuals who do not have the ability to live on their own or independently. Unlike residential habilitation services where we are simply improving our clients’ ability to live on their own, this service is for people who require regular care and support on … Continue reading

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