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7 Recreational Activities for a Wheelchair User

Wheelchairs have never been more user-friendly and useful in our times, now that we’re integrating technology and innovation. Our communities are also becoming more open to assimilating individuals on wheelchairs into regular activities, educational institutions, sports, and others. For this reason, recreation options for wheelchair users have expanded even more.

As your leading partner in providing Support Services in Indiana, we encourage you to expose your wheelchair-bound loved one to a recreational activity of their choice. If they’re still hesitant, you can get them started with the following suggested activities:

  1. Nature Trekking

    Our public parks today are already providing more accessibility to individuals on wheels. You can try to set up a picnic with the family and enjoy the fresh air outdoors. Aside from an emotionally refreshing experience, your loved one can also benefit from a nurtured relationship.

  2. Playing Billiards

    It’s actually advantageous for your loved one on the wheelchair as they can be on eye level with the table. This provides them a better perspective on hitting the right ball. Providers of Habilitation Services can provide this play environment in a community for people with disabilities.

  3. Swimming

    That’s right. Swimming is also enjoyable for individuals with disabilities and who are using wheelchairs. When they have mobility challenges, there are floating devices that can help them have a great time underwater.

  4. Sports

    When your loved one is also a sports enthusiast, you can enroll them in team sports that are offered in your state. Games can range from basketball to rugby, among others. Not only will they be able to exercise, but they can also get a chance to meet others and make new friendships.

  5. Wheelchair Dancing

    In fact, there are many organizations offering lessons for patients in wheelchairs who would like to enjoy the music. Different genres are available including ballroom dancing. Look up for the nearest dancing classes in your community.

  6. Sky Diving

    People who spend for sky diving activities can have a taste of being literally on top of the world, which is a very refreshing experience. Good thing that this activity is open for every person, even for those with limited mobility. You can encourage your loved one to include this activity in their bucket list.

  7. Boating

    There’s always a calming effect when we’re facing the wide expanse of the sea, or even when we’re just sitting alone and listening to the rushing of the water. Boating can provide this kind of therapeutic effect on your loved one. Why not schedule a similar activity for them soon?

When you’re assisting your loved one on the wheelchair, it’s important that you consider taking a break as often as necessary. Get worry off your mind by entrusting your loved one’s care and assistance on providers of Respite Services in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Our team at Beloved Shepherd LLC is ready to help you out to make the recreational experience of your loved one be truly refreshing and memorable.

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