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Independence Is for Every Single One of Us


Being able to live life freely is something that often escapes the developmentally handicapped of our society. A lot of this has to do with families being protective (which isn’t a bad thing, of course) and these individuals’ conditions making them hesitant to venture out into the world.

It’s also true that some of us just don’t know how to give them the kind of life they deserve. That’s the reason why we rely on residential habilitation to bring independence into the lives of our intellectually-disabled family members. As a reputable provider of habilitation services in Fort Wayne, Indiana, we share with you the following benefits of allowing room for independence in your loved one with developmental disabilities:

  • Living Independently

    The intellectually and developmentally disabled have certain limitations which may keep them from living a high quality of life. Their limitations can be all the more pronounced when they are living alone. So, at one end, you’re glad they have opportunities to live independently and, on the other, you wonder how far they can make it on their own. It’s important for these individuals to receive assistance with daily living activities and regular support in their efforts to conquer the challenges of their conditions. In our renowned assisted living facility, we can accomplish these types of assistance for all our clientele.

    So you may be asking yourself if it’s a good idea to allow your loved ones to venture out into the world. Well, there is absolutely no reason why they shouldn’t, especially given all the agencies and professionals dedicated to helping their cause. Always keep in mind that you are not alone. Yes, living with disabled family members can be tough but you know in your heart that it’s still a blessing. You get to experience the kindness people are capable of giving.

  • Overcoming Limitations

    We all have things that limit us. We battle demons all our lives in order to gain the independence we deserve. People who have intellectual and developmental disabilities go through just as much, if not more than we could ever imagine. Having family members with such conditions make us more aware of the difficulties they have to face on their path to independence. It takes skilled and highly-trained professionals and the right tools to conquer limitations and not let it shape their lives.

    If you or a loved one is afflicted with a developmental disability, never lose hope that you can live an independent life. Research. Seek help. Talk to people. Remember this is yours and your family’s lives we are talking about. Your life story should never be about your condition, it should always be about how you beat it and never let it take control.

We invite you to consider our facility at Beloved Shepherd LLC. You can trust our team to provide the quality and dignified care your loved one deserves.

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