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Kids with Disabilities: Why They are Your Blessings in Disguise


Blessings are things that happen to us and give us joy and fulfillment. Your kids with disabilities are your blessings in disguise. Regardless of how you may have reacted to their disability the first time you learned about it, you will discover pretty soon that there’s so much to gain in caring for a child with a disability.

As a premier provider of habilitation services in Fort Wayne, Indiana, we provide support for all the care needs of a family member with a disability. This way, you are always in the position to see your child blessing you in the following ways:

  • Developing patience
    True, there are challenges in assisting a loved one with a disability. You need to exert effort and spend a lot of time to provide them with their basic needs. These challenges may have constrained your previous life activities. But eventually, you learn to be patient in embracing the changes. The virtue of patience doesn’t come to us overnight. But when it does, you will be truly rewarded.
  • Nurturing initiative
    When your loved one has a disability, you initially see only the physical limitations they have. Because of this, you work to find ways to make life better for your loved one. For instance, if they have difficulty eating, you would work on making it easier for them. If you can’t keep them company, for the time being, you can entrust them to residential habilitation. This sense of initiative helps you see that in every challenge, there’s always a solution. You just have to find it.
  • Enhancing gratitude
    With all the challenges of taking care of a family member with a disability, it might be difficult to stay thankful through them all. But gratitude is a choice one has to make every day. It’s even more genuine and fulfilling when it’s expressed in difficult moments, like when your child with autism throws tantrums. But when this same child gives you unconditional love, it’s all worth it.
  • Increasing courage
    As parents, it might be disheartening to learn about your kid’s disability for the first time. You’re not alone in that. But this same disability gives you courage. It emboldens you to find ways to provide what’s best for your child. It takes courage to stand for the rights your child deserves in spite of his or her disability.

Beloved Shepherd LLC is an assisted living facility that partners with you to provide quality care and service to your family member with a disability. You can entrust your child to our facility or let us provide you with Respite Services in Indiana. Whichever suits your loved one best, we join you in celebrating their lives as a blessing. Find out more about our services by visiting us online.

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