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Tag Archives: Developmental Disabilities

Autism Care: How to Engage Your Child in Active Play

Exploring the outside world can be an exciting but also challenging time for parents who are accompanying their children. At all times, they need to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their child once they’re outdoors. For parents whose children have autism spectrum disorder (ASD), their monitoring is even more intensified. This is why the … Continue reading

Family Supports Waiver: What You Need to Know

According to Indiana State’s portal, the Family Supports HCBS Waiver (FSW) is a benefit provided for persons with developmental abilities. The purpose is to provide these loved ones with limited and non-residential assistance whether they’re at home, in a Residential Habilitation, or in a community where they belong. For starters, here are essential things that … Continue reading

The Importance of Transportation Services in Assisted Living

A major service provided by an Assisted Living Facility like Beloved Shepherd LLC is transportation services. This is necessary to get your loved one to and from places. This is also a means to gather members of the facility into one place for events and other activities. What constitutes transportation services? As mentioned, every assisted … Continue reading

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