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Transporting Kids with Special Needs

Children with special needs or disabilities should not be prohibited from being with kids their age. This practice of exposure can open ways for acceptance and compassion for every person in the community. Thankfully, with the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act 1997, children from age 3 to 5 are now given access to preschool programs, … Continue reading

How Do You Deal with a Senior Loved One Who Refuses to Get Help?

If you think that you are the only one facing this challenge – you are not alone. A senior refusing to receive help is a common situation for family caregivers around the globe face. In fact, even professional caregivers frequently encounter this kind of situation in their career. So how do you deal with a … Continue reading

3 Unique Advantages of Residential Habilitation and Support Service

Beloved Shepherd LLC offers first-rate Habilitation Services in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Our residential habilitation services are designed to guarantee that each person receives the assistance they need so that they can live independently by themselves or with their families. It also ensures that our clients are able to maintain their independence when managing their personal … Continue reading

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