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Transporting Kids with Special Needs


Children with special needs or disabilities should not be prohibited from being with kids their age. This practice of exposure can open ways for acceptance and compassion for every person in the community. Thankfully, with the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act 1997, children from age 3 to 5 are now given access to preschool programs, thereby promoting social acceptance to persons with disabilities.

However, transportation can be disconcerting for children with special needs. Hence, as a premier provider of Habilitation Services in Fort Wayne, Indiana, we would like to share these transportation recommendations if your child has a special need:

  • On-board assistance

    When your kid with disability needs to go to school, make sure they are being accompanied by their primary caregiver. You can also request for a skilled nurse or aide from an Assisted Living Facility to assure you of experienced care while your child is getting education.

  • Training for drivers

    School bus drivers can also benefit from further training on how to attend to the needs of passengers with special needs. Schools can arrange for such training to assure parents that their transport systems are ideal for their kids.

  • Informed caregivers

    Immediate family members, guardians, or caregivers should also be informed of the child’s specific needs in the vehicle. With correct information, family members and transportation personnel can find ways to accommodate the needs of the child while on the road.

  • Emergency medical information

    The vehicle should also have sufficient emergency information in case unexpected incidents occur. It also helps if the passenger with special needs carry crucial medical information so if ever an emergency happens, the responding health team can provide the accurate treatment.

  • Direct care against infection

    If your child with special needs is using equipment, their caregiver must practice infection control. Precaution has to be exercised before handling the equipment or attending to the child’s needs as infection can be contracted quickly by kids with disabilities.

If you’re having concerns on providing appropriate care for your children with disabilities, you can ask for our assistance at Beloved Shepherd LLC. Our facility is well-designed for these needs and our team can also provide respite services in Indiana if ever you need temporary replacement in your caregiving role. Do you want to know more about our residential habilitation? Feel free to keep in touch anytime.

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