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Tips: Communicating with a Person with Down’s Syndrome

Tips: Communicating with a Person with Down’s Syndrome

It is a basic human need to communicate. However, there are certain practices and etiquettes we need to observe when we are communicating with someone depending on their unique needs.

For persons with Down’s Syndrome, communicating with them may pose certain challenges. As providers of Habilitation Services, however, we know that quality interactions with them are possible. With that, we would like to impart the following communication tips:

  • Talk About Day-to-Day Activities
    Make use of your daily activities as talking points. This helps them to recognize and associate words and ideas with actual experiences they went through. For instance, you can ask about whether they liked their food or not.
  • Use Visual Cues
    Communicate with them using visual gestures and signs. These cues reinforce communication abilities especially if they are still learning about some words. You can do hand signals or facial expressions to emphasize your point.
  • Copy the Person’s Response
    Observe the person’s response and copy their expressions. Smile if they smile, shrug if they shrug, but let them be when they’re not in the mood. As we provide Support Service in Indiana, we have seen that reflecting their responses makes them more interactive.
  • Be Animated in Interacting
    Along with copying their expressions, it also helps if you are animated when you talk to them. This gets them hooked to pay attention to you and observe your mouth as you speak. Consequently, this improves their understanding of new vocabularies.
  • Use Repetition
    It is also very helpful to repeat words and ideas to them. For instance, if they point to a dog but they only get to pronounce “d” or “g”, repeat this for them with emphasis on pronouncing “dog”. If they also point at something that they incorrectly address, you can repeat to them the correct word.
  • Show You Are Pleased
    A person with Down’s Syndrome is also encouraged to interact more when the person they’re talking to is pleased with them. Smile and be cheerful when talking to them. We have seen this work as we assist them with their Home health care needs.
  • Stay Physically Close
    When interacting with a person with Down’s Syndrome, it’s very helpful to be physically close. They will not only sense your comforting presence, but they can also clearly hear you and observe the way you use words.
  • Be Patient
    Patience is also very necessary when communicating with persons with Down’s Syndrome. They may take time to respond to your message or you may need to speak slower than you usually do. However, know that your patience will be rewarded with productive communication.

Are you a parent whose loved one has Down’s Syndrome? If you’re looking for people to assist you in caring for them, our team at Beloved Shepherd LLC is here for you. We also provide Respite Services in Fort Wayne, Indiana so that when you need to get some personal break, you know that your loved one is in a safe and caring environment.

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