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What You Need to Know About Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is a developmental disability that occurs when there is an additional copy of chromosome 21. Due to the extra genetic material, people with Down syndrome have different physical and mental characteristics from the average person. They are typically shorter, have an upward slant to their eyes, have low muscle tone, and have a single crease across their palm. Even though these are common characteristics that people with Down syndrome have, it is important to remember that they are all unique. Also, a support service in Indiana can help you provide a great life for a loved one with Down syndrome.

Here are some of the basics about Down syndrome:

  • Are there multiple forms of down syndrome?

    There are actually three different forms of Down syndrome. Trisomy 21 is the most common type accounting for over 95% of the case. Trisomy 21 is where the Chromosome 21 is duplicated. The rarest form of Down syndrome is Mosaicism, which accounts for only 1% of all the cases. People with Mosaicism tend to have fewer characteristics that are common among individuals with Down syndrome. The third kind is translocation, which makes up about 4% of all cases. Fortunately, many individuals with Down syndrome can live independent lives, especially with the help of habilitation services.

  • What Leads to Down Syndrome?

    What leads to Down syndrome is currently unknown but we do know that it is caused by an extra chromosome 21. Some other facts we know that maternal age plays a large role. 80% of children who are born with Down syndrome have mothers who are 35 years old or older. There is currently no research indicating that environmental factors have an impact or not.

  • Is Down Syndrome Common?

    Down syndrome is a condition that can happen to anyone, regardless of race. However, this condition is quite rare. A woman at 35 will have a 1 out of 350 chance of conceiving a baby that has Down syndrome but this chance will increase with age. A woman who is 45 will have a 1 out of 30 chances of conceiving a baby with Down syndrome. If you have a child with Down syndrome, there are many forms of respite services in Fort Wayne, Indiana that can help you.

Down syndrome is commonly misunderstood but there are many methods out there that can help you take care of a child with this syndrome. Beloved Shepherd LLC offers superb residential habilitation that can help your loved one live a better and more independent lifestyle. Help your loved one live the life they deserve by contacting us today.

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