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What Is Residential Habilitation?


Residential habilitation is a form of care services designed to provide 24/7 care for individuals in need. There are many different kinds of habilitation services that cater to different types of people. Some of these residential care providers focus on the elderly, some focus on individuals with developmental disabilities, and some offer help to a mix of people. These services are a great way to ensure that your loved one is receiving the care they need to live a full and healthy life.

Here are a few of the many services you can expect when you consider habilitation services:

  • Support Services
    Independence is something that is very important to us. For this reason, we offer a variety of services aimed to improve your loved one’s independence. If your loved one is 18 years or older, we can offer services that improve their ability to live on their own and pursue an independent lifestyle. This can go a long way in boosting their quality of life.
  • Community
    We are social creatures and we thrive being in groups of other people. To make sure that your loved one is able to find a community of their own, we offer skills and services that can help them. Our services can improve social skills, behaviors, and we can teach numerous life skills that can help your loved one adapt to the ever-changing circumstances of life. Our support service in Indiana is tailored to meet your loved one’s unique needs.
  • Respite
    We understand that it can be a huge challenge taking care of a loved one with a developmental disability. To ensure that you do not burn yourself out, we offer personalized respite care. Through our respite services in Fort Wayne, Indiana, we can help you provide the best life possible for your loved one.

When you are looking for options that can help improve your loved one’s life, you cannot go wrong with residential habilitation. Since we offer so many different kinds of services that can help your loved one, you can rest easy knowing they will be in good hands. Beloved Shepherd LLC is passionate about providing superb care services. Get in touch with us today and help your loved one live the best life possible.

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