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Encourage Independence in a Loved One with Disabilities

Encourage Independence in a Loved One with Disabilities

As a dedicated family caregiver, you’re probably used to doing a lot of things for your loved one. Of course, it only goes to show how much you want them to enjoy a better quality of life under your wing. But did you know that kindling a bit of independence in them will be beneficial to the both of you and even the rest of the family?

Gaining a sense of independence brings in a multitude of benefits. It will help your loved one feel empowered despite their condition and inspire them to be more productive in their daily life. At the same time, it also frees you from other responsibilities. So really, it’s a win-win situation at any angle. But how exactly do you promote the value of independence to someone who has disabilities?

To help you out with this conundrum, Beloved Shepherd LLC has a couple of suggestions that should help your loved one be more independent as they go on their days:

  • Give them support, rather than control them

    There’s quite a thin line between the two. But how can you make sure that you’re supporting your loved one rather than controlling them?

    For starters, you can try asking the person you’re caring for about their preferences rather than deciding things for them. This window of freedom might be small, but it will definitely work wonders on your loved one’s psyche. By offering your loved one the right to make certain choices it will reinforce that you respect their capabilities. In turn, this will urge them to be more independent in the long run.

  • Understand them and their behavior

    Every action bears a reason behind it. When you’re able to understand that reason, you’re also able to appropriately respond to how your loved one may act. A great way you can make this possible is by implementing an open communication line. Service with understanding – it’s the same brand of Respite Services in Fort Wayne, Indiana that we deliver. If you’re curious to learn more about our other services, you can always reach out to us with a call.

  • Inspire them to learn daily living skills

    A little patience and a whole lot of perseverance go a long way. Starting out won’t always be easy. But as the days have passed, you will come to notice that chores and whatnot will be less of a trouble for you and your loved one. However, if you feel like you could use some help in this area, we have Habilitation Services that can assist your loved one in gaining a better grasp of daily living skills and more.

Talk to us about your needs. We have a bundle of different support services that will be of great help to you, as a family caregiver, and to the rest of your family as well. In fact, we invite you to share this post with the rest of the family for a healthy discussion.

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