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How Residential Habilitation Makes a Difference

What is residential habilitation? These are services provided by a residential facility that are structured around the needs of its physically and functionally disabled residents. Witnessing our loved ones struggle with the simplest tasks is heartbreaking. It can also be a frustrating situation altogether because there’s really nothing we can do to make things better. … Continue reading

Autism Care: How to Engage Your Child in Active Play

Exploring the outside world can be an exciting but also challenging time for parents who are accompanying their children. At all times, they need to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their child once they’re outdoors. For parents whose children have autism spectrum disorder (ASD), their monitoring is even more intensified. This is why the … Continue reading

Encourage Independence in a Loved One with Disabilities

As a dedicated family caregiver, you’re probably used to doing a lot of things for your loved one. Of course, it only goes to show how much you want them to enjoy a better quality of life under your wing. But did you know that kindling a bit of independence in them will be beneficial … Continue reading

Community Integration: Tips in Working with Developmentally Disabled Individuals

Just like you, people with developmental disabilities can also benefit from being in an engaging social circle. Thankfully, today’s generation has given us a wider understanding and acceptance of the uniqueness of every person, regardless of our differences. So whether you have a loved one with a developmental disability or not, you will eventually encounter … Continue reading

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