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How to Set Up a Suitable Environment for Habilitation

How to Set Up a Suitable Environment for Habilitation

More often than not, older seniors will require habilitation services. They need a caregiver to assist them with their daily tasks. Even with medication management, they often require the assistance of other people. With a compassionate caregiver around them, older adults can enjoy a quality standard of living regardless of their limited mobility.

If an older adult requires support service in Indiana, the quality of the caregiver isn’t the only thing you should check. You also have to make sure that the environment the elder is staying in is impeccable as well. Here are the things you can do to set up a suitable environment for an older adult’s habilitation:

  • Lighting and Visuals

    Older adults often develop aging-related eye problems. Thus, ensuring that the house where the older adult is living in has proper lighting is a given. You can do the following:

    • Install twice as many lighting fixtures in the home. Pick the lighting fixtures that throw no shadows or glare.
    • The lighting fixtures should be installed in areas that the elder usually walks through. These areas include the path between the bedroom to the bathroom, above and below the stairs, and the kitchen.
    • Pay attention to the apartment doorway and other doors in the house. Paint them in a color that contrasts with the surrounding wall. This way, the older adult can easily find these doors.
    • Use color contrasts on most things around the house. For example, use a dark brown rug over white-colored floors.
  • Sounds

    To older adults, what sounds like music to us may be noise to them! To have a suitable environment for home health care, you can do the following:

    • Limit noise coming from the TV, radio, buzzers, and the likes.
    • Have a place in the house where the older adult can rest quietly.
  • Interior Design

    Assess the interior design of the home too. The interior design should not cause any problems for the older adult. There should be no clutter or furniture that will cause problems in the senior’s daily life. You can do the following for that:

    • Choose plain carpeting instead of carpets with patterns. Patterned carpeting may cause the elderly to be confused.
    • Always close doors that are not needed or used. For example, closet doors should not be left open when you’ve finished taking clothes out.
    • The walkways or paths should be clear of any distractions.
    • De-clutter. Doing so will allow the senior to see where they are walking clearly.

Where the senior is staying should be the safest place for them. It should be the place they call home. Beloved Shepherd LLC wants an older adult in residential habilitation to be at ease in an environment conducive to their betterment. Moreover, rest assured that we have quality respite services in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We can care for your loved one well.

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