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Vacation Tips with Your Senior or Disabled Loved One

When you are a caregiver, you might think that taking a vacation with your client is out of the question. Fortunately, with a little planning and attention to detail, you can take a memorable trip with your whole family while ensuring that everyone’s needs are met. Beloved Shepherd LLC, a trusted provider of support services … Continue reading

How to Set Up a Suitable Environment for Habilitation

More often than not, older seniors will require habilitation services. They need a caregiver to assist them with their daily tasks. Even with medication management, they often require the assistance of other people. With a compassionate caregiver around them, older adults can enjoy a quality standard of living regardless of their limited mobility. If an … Continue reading

Services for Seniors on Respite Care

Family members who are at the same time the primary caregivers to their elderly can safely go on a break with our respite services in Indiana. Whether you need to take a break overnight or for just a few hours, trust that you will have the most capable hands to look after your elderly. Our … Continue reading

What Your Loved One Can Do with Residential Habilitation

Providers of habilitation services in Fort Wayne, Indiana help individuals 18 years old and above to become self-sufficient at home. By teaching them how to take better care of themselves, they can do more things on their own when their family members are out to take care of other responsibilities. Skill development is systematically introduced … Continue reading

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