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The Need for Transition Planning and Habilitation

For many, adulthood presents a whole new slew of challenges that they think they can never be prepared for. More so for children with disabilities. Without planning for their transition to adulthood, they will have a much harder time coping with their adult responsibilities. Transition planning eases children with disabilities into adulthood by equipping them … Continue reading

Etiquette Tips: Interacting with People with Disabilities

Appropriate etiquette when interacting with people with disabilities is primarily based on courtesy and respect. Beloved Shepherd LLC, a provider of habilitation services for individuals with disabilities, lists a few tips to help you communicate effectively: If you believe that a person with a disability requires assistance, go ahead and offer your help. However, make … Continue reading

First-time to Push Wheelchairs?

Here are tips for you! Being able to brave through a first-time disability is not just dependent on the patient’s willpower. Their family members and friends can also empower them to win over the challenges at the initial phase of their disability. Persons who use wheelchairs for the first time will need adequate assistance and … Continue reading

Life-Saving Respite Care

We sometimes get into situations where we find ourselves getting easily angry over petty situations or getting irritable over the slightest of discomforts. This is normal since this happens to all of us at one point or another. However, it would be nice to understand why we get these moments every now and then. Irritability … Continue reading

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