How Do You Prepare Your Loved One for Respite Care?

You’ve made plans. Your schedule is booked. You’re ready to take on the world again as providers of Respite Services in Fort Wayne, Indiana, fill in your spot at your loved one’s side. But while you’re hyped to have some time off, how can you make sure that the person you’re caring for will be … Continue reading

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Encourage Independence in a Loved One with Disabilities

As a dedicated family caregiver, you’re probably used to doing a lot of things for your loved one. Of course, it only goes to show how much you want them to enjoy a better quality of life under your wing. But did you know that kindling a bit of independence in them will be beneficial … Continue reading

First-time to Push Wheelchairs?

Here are tips for you! Being able to brave through a first-time disability is not just dependent on the patient’s willpower. Their family members and friends can also empower them to win over the challenges at the initial phase of their disability. Persons who use wheelchairs for the first time will need adequate assistance and … Continue reading

7 Recreational Activities for a Wheelchair User

Wheelchairs have never been more user-friendly and useful in our times, now that we’re integrating technology and innovation. Our communities are also becoming more open to assimilating individuals on wheelchairs into regular activities, educational institutions, sports, and others. For this reason, recreation options for wheelchair users have expanded even more. As your leading partner in … Continue reading

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